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宜家集团所属母公司Ingka Group首席执行官布罗丁(Jesper Brodin)表明,促进宜家进行租借试点的原因之一是,照顾到频频搬迁又不想每次都替换新家具的顾客。“许多顾客更频频地换房子,但每次搬迁都买不起新家具。”



宜家首席财政官朱文西奥·迈兹图(Juvencio Maeztu)表明,租借契合宜家的三大战略方针:更实惠、更便利、更环保。他指出,从音乐到轿车,年轻人越来越构成租借的习气了。

宜家不是仅有发生租借家具主意的企业。标榜花小钱租华服的“伸展台租衣网”(Rent the Runway)上月表明,将与Williams-Sonoma公司旗下的West Elm品牌协作,答应用户租借家居装饰。该渠道此前只租借规划师服装和配饰。


宜家可继续发展主管皮娅·海登马克(Pia Heidenmark)表明,家具租借测验还将让宜家了解其产品的耐久性,并将反馈给规划师。





IKEA to test furniture rental in 30 countries

IKEA wants to roll out furniture rental to all its main markets in a bid to appeal to its increasingly environmentally conscious and transient customers.?Ikea first said it was looking into leasing its desks, beds and sofas in February. It fleshed out its plans on Wednesday at an event held at its first "sustainable" store in Kaarst, western Germany, opened in 2017.

The rental pilot was driven by a recognition that many consumers change homes more frequently but can"t afford new furniture every time they move, Jesper Brodin, chief executive of Ingka Group, which owns most IKEA stores, told Reuters.

It is also motivated by environmentalism, with IKEA surveys showing that 90 percent of its customers are ready to change their behavior, even if most don"t know how to do that.

Since taking over as CEO in 2017, Brodin has led efforts to overhaul the IKEA business model to respond to climate change, the rise in ecommerce and customers who no longer have the time or the cars to drive to its out-of-town stores.

Rental meets IKEA"s three main strategic tives: being more affordable, more convenient and looking after planet, said IKEA finance chief Juvencio Maeztu, noting that young people increasingly expect to rent anything from music to cars.

Rent the Runway, which has previously only rented out designer apparel and accessories, said last month it will partner with Williams-Sonoma Inc"s West Elm brand to allow subscribers to rent home decor.

IKEA, which had global sales of 39 billion euros ($44 billion) last year, will test a range of subtion-based leasing offers in all 30 of its markets by 2020 so products are reused as often as possible before being recycled.

It had already committed to make all its products from renewable and recycled materials by 2030 and also to design all its products to be reused, repaired and recycled. In 2018 it handled 1 million orders for spare parts to repair products.

The rental tests will give IKEA insights into the durability of its products that it will feed back to designers, who are already working to make furniture that is easier to dismantle and move, said Pia Heidenmark, IKEA sustainability chief.

In the Netherlands, IKEA is offering students the rental of a bed, desk, table and chairs for a monthly fee of up to 30 euros ($33.68), while in Sweden and Switzerland it is looking into providing office furniture to companies.

Brodin also highlighted another strategic shift, saying he wants to provide convenient, round-the-clock access to IKEA stores in the company"s top 30 cities in the next five years.

IKEA has just opened a new store in Greenwich in south-east London and is about to add locations in central Paris and Moscow. “In New York, London, Paris, Berlin, Madrid, Barcelona, Tokyo, Shanghai, Mumbai, we will see more of these mid-sized stores in the future,” Maeztu said. “In the next 20 years, more people will live in cities and own fewer cars and share more.”

IKEA also plans to expand TaskRabbit, a U.S. online marketplace for odd jobs like furniture assembly it bought in 2017, to many more markets, and is looking for other similar acquisition or partnership opportunities, Maeztu said.

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